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What are classified ads?

Classified Ads: Online classified ads are paid ads that appear on websites specifically build for advertising. The main reason they are called classifieds is that they are grouped or classified under different categories depending upon the kind of services or products being offered such as real estate, matrimonial, construction, education, and many more.

The very early forms of classified ads appeared in daily newspapers, which were basically Ads printed on reserved and categorized portions of the daily newspaper. The advertiser pays for a certain space in the newspaper where ads would appear in the newspaper the next day. Classified ads were the only form of affordable advertising available for the masses and were very popular in the recent past. With the advent of high-speed internet, many advertising websites started offering free classified ads and quickly became the preferable choice for classified listings. This type of advertising is very different from those annoying popup ads which appear unexpectedly on the screen trying to woo users to some other landing pages.

There are a plethora of advertising websites these days like Quicker, Olx, Craigslist, Locanto, Oklute etcetera but all these websites charge tons of money with no credibility and poor customer support. Xtobila Classifieds brings an affordable, credible, and locally owned online advertising platform in line with the atmanirbhar Bharat to make India self-reliant in the advertising space.

Why advertise with us?

Affordability: On Xtobila Classifieds a user can post unlimited free ads under any category, ranging from rental Cars, Real Estate, Events to Personals. One can also go for paid ads to get competitive among their peers. Our most prestigious and valuable supreme Ad featuring on a banner is the best for advertising. Our premium Ads charge a minuscule amount as we are committed to providing affordable advertising options. Be it Cars, Real estate, travel, or anything else you can advertise online with few clicks and at a very nominal rate.

Accessibility: Xtobila Classifieds can be accessed from any computing device having an internet connection. A new user has to create an account, after verification, a user can log in to their Xtobila Classifieds dashboard. Users can post free Ads as well as paid Ads by submitting a simple form asking for details related to the Ad. Submitted Ads can be edited for errors from the user dashboard and the changes will reflect immediately on the listing.

Wider reach: We have an online presence in almost every city for all of our advertising categories. Advertising with us will help to grow your business manifolds in a very short period. If you are a local business owner or just starting your new venture you are at the right place, we offer free classifieds for every category. We recommend paid ads and the most popular supreme Ad to get an edge over your competitors.

24/7 support: Xtobila Classifieds is the best for its customer support. We are just a text away. Tell us your problem regarding advertising we are happy to help you in the best possible way. You can reach us through email or WhatsApp, our staff is always online for your convenience.